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Breast Cancer Patient Services

MASTECTOMY MASSAGE can relieve post-operative pain and edema, and promote the removal of toxins as it assists in the flow of lymph, blood, and oxygen. All sessions are 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your personal needs.

Breast Cancer presents many obstacles to a woman. Not only are pain and physical symptoms present, but emotional and body image issues may arise as well. Mastectomy Massage, performed with a skilled, compassionate and individualized approach to the client's needs, can help ease physical symptoms and promote a higher quality of life.

Over time, Mastectomy Massage clients will experience increased movement, reduced scar tissue, restored feeling and sensation by stimulating nerve endings. And improved body image helps a client become more aware and reconnected to themselves. Aside from promoting better health, massage offers a place of quiet relaxation where the breast cancer client can feel cared for and nurtured through gently therapeutic touch.

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